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visual and oral exchange of cultures, histories and identities

I'm currently working in collaboration with Archisle: The Jersey Contemporary Photography Program at the Société Jersiaise where we have embarked on a major creative research project using the Photo-archive as a vector in exploring historical and cultural links between Jersey and New Jersey. This project is inspired partly by the 350th anniversary, in 2014, of the founding of the State of New Jersey, USA in 1664 by Jerseyman, Sir George de Carteret. As part of this project I will be producing new work both in
(old) Jersey and New Jersey, exploring both places unique cultures, histories, identities and geographies. Immediate plans is to design a pop-up exhibition in New Jersey to coincide with major celebrations across the state throughout the summer. The long term objectives of this 4-5 year project are to make exhibitions, publications and establish contemporary photographic archives in Jersey and New Jersey. read more


A portrait of the indigenous people of Whanganui New Zealand

The name of this project is ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au* which tranlates directly as I am the river and the river is me. This is an expression that the ancestors of the tribes of Whanganui use to say as they travelled the river. It reflects both on my own experience of living within a tribal community along the Whanganui River in an area known as the King Country on the North Island of New Zealand, as well as represents the Maori people's spiritual connection to their ancestral land. With these photographs I wanted to portray how they lived and worked without any romantic conviction of indigenous people living in 'exotic' places. read more




walk across Europe to Kosovo

Interventions was conceived under the influence of war in Europe and my anger and frustration with the conflict in the Balkan. In the guise of a landscape painter I began walking through Europe putting myself in the picture as a frontman; my own subjective broadcaster, interpreter and adventurer. My walk during 78 days across Europe is an inquiry into distance - the journey itself. Kosovo is not the subject of my work but a mere stop and my project is a chance to think in a another way about that area and its topography in relation to the European landscape. read more

A book about being homeless in London

When I came to London in 1996 the first people I met was the homeless. Some became friends, some died and these p
ictures of rough sleepers, people in hostels and vulnerable housing is both a personal document of the street phenomena and a testament to my own unsettlement in the late 90s. In liaison with author and journalist, Mark Piggott who himself has experienced homelessness, we have attempted to make a contemporary book that shows the invisible barrier in our society - reflecting on ourselves - and the time we are living in. read more


A portrait of country life and BSE in Britain

In January 1997 I started to photograph farm communities in the Southwest of England. Since then I have followed three farm families closely in Dorset and Somerset and the community surrounding them. All families have suffered from having had BSE in their herds and the economical - let alone the emotional stress - having to eradicate seemingly healthy animals under the selective cull scheme. These photographs are about traditions, rural lifestyles, and show people for whom the concept of family and community still have real value. read more



Tableaux Vivants is a series of photographic self-portraits and video works that explore the body of the artist through a number of constructed situations that reflects personal and autobiographical events - both real and imagined.
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